Last Home Game In Europe Tomorrow?


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For a generation.
Possibly in my lifetime.
Thought about swerving it.
But then I thought I'll probably never get another chance to see them in Europa League or Champions League at home this side of making the acquaintance of the Grim Reaper.
So changed my mind.
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I think the group will still be wide open after tomorrow. A knock-out tie isn't out of the question.


Isn't there the chance of going into the Europa Conference League or whatever it's called for 3rd place?
Hopefully someone with more patience to work out UEFAs rules and the permutations will confirm....


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I'm not counting the Europa Conference League. Its almost an insult to be in that scummy thing.


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As much as I love us being in European football, the village cup......no, no, no.
Even winning it does nothing for the CV.
Qualify or forget it.


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We’ll whatever happens now we have a home game in Europe early next year. Will it be in the last 32 or the last 16 of the Europa League, or on the last 32 of the Conference League, that is the question.

We’ll know in 2 weeks.