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I sacked Glover
Sacked De Sousa but still use the same bloodstock agents, Sackville Donald who bought nine yearlings at the premier Book1 and Book2 sales in 2020 that have run as 2-y-olds this year for King Power. There are nine of them, total cost 1.675M guineas - they've won 3 races from 29 starts and the five that have run often enough to have a handicap mark are rated between 71 and 87. Yes it's a small sample, but you won't find any mention of Blackbird Power (350k) or Kitsune Power (235k) on the agent's glossy website.


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Funny you should say that Micky as a mate has always but especially this year
De Sousa's riding and tactics, he as an ex jockey who rode for Walter Wharton condemned him as an amateur which I find strange