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Didn't they put 4 on, yes 4, when we played Peterborough the other year.

I do remember when we played Ipswich first game of the season they put on a special and that had 13- cause for some stupid reason I counted them - as the train went down to London and then turned up to east Anglia just before kings cross real slow. Big coaches as well, oversold and full of the nice gentle folk of society , white Skinner's being the order of the day, that hit Ipswich like a bomb. Straight down Berry's afterward no doubt..


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Use one of those hand cart things like they had in Blazing Saddles. But beware of the treacherous stretch of quicksand between Widmerpool and Plumtree!


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You can if you change at Leicester but you can't get one direct just double checked on the train app.

Anyone who lived in Melton wouldn't need to double check the app.

BLUE ARMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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“Anyone Who Had A Heart,
Would simply check the train app
How could you hurt me and be so untrue
What am I to do
Every time you go away,I always say
This time it’s goodbye dear
Travelling the way you do
From Melton too
Not via Leicester but by way of Grimston Tunnel through,ooh
Anyone who has the app
Would just board the train and be on time too
You couldn’t really have a timetable and hurt me
Like you hurt me and be so untrue
What am I to do,ooh”