I'm beginning to wonder


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Club is in transition. Vards is on the edge, and that dark day is getting closer.
Tielemans, what is his intention? It's unsettling, it's not good when the players are not rowing in the same direction.
Soyunc needs some decent games to restore confidence in a fragile defence.
Madders, where is he ? What's happened to him? A decent player when his ego is being massaged, but a liability when the form drops.
Fofana and JJ sorely missed.
BR needs to get a 90 minute performance out of them, never mind the 10 men against the Hammers, we were being played off the park before that.
The wins against Wolves and Norwich were both unconvincing.
We desperately need a performance to get both themselves and the fans believing again.
It's not a crisis yet, but we are in a trough.
You can have a bad game or two, but when you have played 6 games without having any great control in any of them, then it's time to have a look at what can be done.
At the moment we are sliding, and Brendan needs to earn his money before we are fighting a battle that none of us want.
Well said… 👍


Monkey Off Back
I’m sorry but we’re a million miles off that last few weeks of the Don. Things were evidently wrong and had been for a long time. We didn’t score for weeks . I clearly remember looking at the table after 25 games and we had 21 points. I couldn’t see how the hell we were going to get any more than another 13 points if were lucky.
He had to go. We eventually got 23 points from those remaining 13 games.
Too right LG. Ranieri finally got the bullet after five league games in which we shipped twelve goals and scored none. None. And that after having slipped towards the drop.
So what is the threshold these days for losing your shit? Cov were bussed all round the West Midlands for a few years. Derby face a major points deduction, and likely relegation. Notts haven’t been near the top flight since Queen Victoria. Those are crises. Not a few iffy games on the back of two trophies.


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Funnily enough I'm more confident after today. The last 20mins were the first time this season we've looked closer to our best, putting together good combinations. Key is keeping Ricardo fit.

But for two fucked up VAR moments, and a stupid foul by Bertrand, we'd have cruised it, on the back of a really tough game 2.5 days before.


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Something does seem a bit off at the club right now.

Whether it’s the defensive injury crisis, rumours about Brendan to Arsenal, Tielemans not yet signing a new contract, still some fallout from the Covid party, a few players not yet back to full fitness after some bad injuries, us being in a bit of a transitional phase with Vardy being closer to retiring, more comfortable surroundings up at Seagrave, the mindset that we’ve made it now we’ve qualified for Europe two seasons in a row or even the disappointment of being so close to the Champions League for two seasons yet falling at the last, or more likely a mixture of some or all of these, Rodgers and his team have work to do.

That we conceded twice late on Thursday to draw the game won’t have helped our mindset. We need a good win or two and a slice of luck that’s deserted us at the minute to get us on track.


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If Buck is bucked.
Yes I know he has credit in the bank
Yes I know we were unlucky today
And I don't think he deserves sacking
However whem form dipped under the Don he was out the door
NFP got the gate ditto Shaky
These Thais want bang for their buck so Buck could be bucked out
Especially if the job is bucked up v Milwall Burnley and Warsaw


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Fooking hell sounds a lot like me moaning to high heaven about the shyte I watched in the 1950's week in week out


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We haven't hit the ground running this season in the way we did the past two seasons. As others have pointed out, there are plenty of potential reasons for that, first and foremost our injury issues. For me, the signs are there that we might not knock on the door of the CL this season and might make a step back.

Something isn't quite right. We are not in a crisis yet but things could develop into one. Mid- to long-term our injury issues need to be addressed. I do not believe this is only down to bad luck but also to management of the physical demands of what have been long seasons.

To put things iinto perspective though: if one wants to think back to our 2001/02 season, there are a few tasty 20 year anniversaries coming up in the coming weeks and months. I'll post a few of them just to remind everybody what a true crisis and a club in decline looks like.


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Don't want to peak too soon this season, we've seen what happens in the last 2 years. I've seen enough to suggest we will be more than fine this season.

Next season they'll be talking about a new big six, with us and the Hammers replacing the north London duo.

Wessy Boy

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Beat Wolves and Norwich without playing well
West Ham with a patched up defence had a sending off and individual errors, one of those nights
Not many team will get anything v Man City (Ok apart from Southampton and Spurs)
Napoli are storming Serie A
Brighton - refereeing

Burnley at home is a no-win game. Win proves nothing either way, but lose and questions will be asked