How does this work


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How some sick individual can murder a 17 year old child after raping them claim he was sexually repressed and only get 3 years in prison.
Sort of thing you lot are into.

The victim is still alive but the sentence is too short.
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You lot. You silly woke bunch. Mention sexuality and you’re all over it like a rash. Bless him he’s confused, suppressed
Still alive but tried with all his might to kill him.
Yeah well done, chuck in a label as well. I don't see what his sexuality has got to do with it. It was a horrible crime. If you want to complain about the justice system then go for it.


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It does not affect the ruling class so it does not matter.

Need to keep prison places available for anyone who says hurty things about them and their pets.


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"You lot" so who's moulded anything here? You started the thread, you're the one rattles on about saying stuff someone hasn't said.

Thickie starting an argument with himself again. He needs the company .

He must be very confused now Boris is effectively lifting all restrictions and effectively allowing the unvaccinated to take their chances . I guess he’s Thick Dick’s new hero now .