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It's fear. But I don't want to see anyone get banned because of our good work. If nobody wants to talk or share some deep and meaningful thoughts, feelings or experiences.
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More from my amazingly talented wife. Here she tackles panic attacks, sleepless nights, and harsh memories from her past.


I screamed in the night
And woke up wet
Had they strapped me down?
Had they called for the vet?
Were my arms bloody
From pins And jabs?
Was my mouth bleeding,
Bound and gagged?
No, I'd been dreaming I gasped and gasped
Kicked off my slippers
And back back
Hit the sack


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Morning Coffee

He clasped my
Curved, pink dimpled
cup. Made
It hot. And boiled
It up. He pulled
Out a drawer
A Silver spoon
And rammed it
Firm in our honey
Jar. Lastly he
Frothed thick whipped
And white. And had
It on the table
For my delight.
Thank you.


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Early Morning Start

Today we left
In the sun's shadow
Today we faced
The stars
When we walked
To the car
There lit it up
And revved the street ahead
Scarring the night
With white
Beaming strobes
A shooting star
Across the black
Wet land


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Can I have a go?
School poem

I know a girl in C3
Who had a wart upon her knee
I gave her 3p
And she showed it me
I wonder what she'd do for a quid?
I wonder what she'd do for a quid?
Tell you to hop it and to be pretty damned quick about it!

Why don't you just cease with your incessant infantile contributions that just poke and prod and do absolutely nothing for anyone? The poetry here is not a game. It has been extracted with great pain at times, but it is reflective looking at aspects of a real life. It is grateful, but it is also laced with anguish. My wife has paid with a number of difficult years to endure and come through it all. These are poems from the soul. From the heart. These are poems reaching out to others. They say that you are not alone.
Why don’t you just shut up and try to respect something for a change?