Have we done 'most memorable gig' recently?


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Have to say my first three really set me on my way, Free at Loughborough Uni in 1969,The Nice at De Mont a few weeks later, then Led Zep at Birmingham Town Hall on a frosty January night 1970.


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I have a few - Status Quo, Newcastle City Hall, 1972 (my first concert); Pink Floyd, Stafford, 1977 (Animals tour, performed in a Cow Shed); Rolling Stones, Wembley, 1983 (not a huge fan, but they were brilliant); Dan Fogelberg, Detroit, 1985 (my girlfriend - now Mrs. FF - made me go, and I was blown away by how good he was).

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Quo at the De Mont '73 ish, out standing and very loud ! (never a let down the original four)
For me though, The Faces at the Edmonton Sundown 3/6/73 was the best. Ronnie Lanes last performance with the band . Saw them again 2 months later at the Reading festival with Tetsu on Bass
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If we're talking recently. I went to 70 gigs in 2019.
Hard to pick a highlight, but i was on the front row for this show. I was close enough to see the hairs up Gary Kemp's nose!


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This is tough, but off the top of my head.
The Jam....Wembley Arena Dec' 1982( 2 & 5 nights)
Prince...NEC 1988
Grace Jones..Royal Festival Hall
Cassandra Wilson....Jazz Café
Erykah Badu ....Jazz Cafe....1997?
Primal Scream ...Brixton Academy all nighter.,dunno 1995 at a guess