Great to see the footballers stand up to racism and sexism.


I worked In Qatar for 3 years and they treated me fine. Was strange they had Western and Eastern rates for the same job though.


John Barnes speaks very well on this (and other subjects) for me. If it exists is society then it'll exist on social media, and I also think that people say things that may not be a genuine reflection of their views on these platforms. Stupid people I'll grant you, but not people who are inherently prejudiced.


Bill Poster
Just think token gestures done root cause or rectify anything.
Daft fuckers stay off social media for four days and they think they’re MLK.
Maybe footballers can’t fight all the injustices in the world but when so many are racially abused daily they can say enough is enough ?


Maybe staying off social media permanently might take away these nasty shit bags oxygen I doubt many would be prepared to say this stuff out loud


There's a decent conversation between Ian Wright & Alan Shearer on the BBC sport website for the uninitiated.
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Bill Poster
Be interesting when they all pull out of the World Cup in Qatar looking at the racism, sexism and the way they treat migrant workers over there.
I won’t hold my breath mind.
Woke wankers,
I’ve shit em!
I love being woke.

Imagine being un-woke. End up like some of the characters on here.