Oi Madddison, look what you cudda won

It’s the best thing to happen to him. Get fit and have some drive and anger to motivate him. It’s a massive season. Move back up to where he was and better, or become another Jack Wheelchair


He's well suited to England's style, and has slightly better players around him than at villa and trusts them. you can see this in the fact that he passes much quicker for the national team rather than holding onto the ball, doing 3 quick turns, looking around and then passing.
and it was never a penalty in a million years. Vardy would've been booked for simulation.


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As others have said a very good player. I do wonder if his constant overreaction might lead to a ref wanting to make a name for himself and booking him for diving and it might end up costing England


Big season for Maddison, he need to perform next season or it may be his last. Would love to see Grealish here playing for our improving Leicester city I think he is a fabulous player. I don’t really see it happening but who knows we have come so far.
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