Go Tigers


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I think both were on TV, one after the other, speaking of which, reddit seems to have been kiboshed by the Prem and hesgoal had no picture, so it was steam all round...
I can easily afford BT but on the basis of the sport likely to be of interest it is not good value...


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Oh! Someone else who isn't allowed an opinion which differs from yours. These people stopped being collectibles after the first ten; now they're numbering about double that.

You grow up, and pipe yourself down.

BLUE ARMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I’d normally be in the ‘support any Leicester team’ camp. But when it comes to Tigers my opinion has been moulded by the many experiences of local Tigers fans that just don’t buy into this. Like the Range Rover with the rear window stickers ‘Leicester Tigers ‘ and ‘Liverpool FC’ displayed. Also, having had dealings with them in a professional capacity I have found them extremely poor.
So it’s a ‘fuckem and hope they lose’ from me.


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I couldn't care less about the people who support Tigers, any success makes me happy regardless of some of them being a bunch of caants


Got to agree , I see vehicles with egg chaser stickers and other football clubs in the windows.No time for’em,not a rugby fan but if pushed always support a team the egg chasers play😁


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So, it's about their supporters.
I know a few and they are no different from you or me.
And what if they are? Why should I alter my opinions because of them?
I don't think their choice of game is a patch on ours but you can like both as it doesn't make any difference to either.
I also 'support' Riders, Lions and County...


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I swing both ways. City with my mates and Tigers with my mrs. I have no issues with going to matches at all --- bless her