It used to be so simple when I was a kid, two three central defenders, two wingers, two inside forwards, and a centre forward no plans, no intellectual analysing, before kick off, just in reality a kick about for 90mins.
All Ramsey changed that, with his wingless wonders.
Don Revie went even further with his deeper thoughts on the game, so a simple eleven became a mathematical equation as to which fits which slot.
Now we have had 4-3-2, 4-4-2, 5-3-2, 5-4-1,
And any other but when you look at it, it's still a game where skill counts tremendously as do goals.
These clever tactics do nothing unless the
Ball gets put in the net. So 80 years later that goalscorer is still golden oracle from Vardy back to Hines,Rowley, Gardiner,Chandler and all the others with that happy knack of knowing where to be at the precise moment with the inate shooting boots.
Funny old game innit


Think the Hungary team of the 1950s changed football. And the Real Madrid team of 1960.
English old style football had to adapt to compete.