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Season Ticket Holder
I was watching this NFL program last night and they were discussing funding in the NFL and what amounts to success there. The presenter Mike Florio was of the opinion that there are owners who want to win the Super Bowl, owners who would like to win the Super Bowl and owners who are ok about their teams getting there but its not a priority....the point was is that all of the teams are viewed as businesses and success isn't what you win but how much profit there is for the owners..when you see owners such a Kroenke and the Glaziers in the Premier league who are also owners in there NFL you have to wonder where their priorities lie here...All owners to a point have to make something these days but gone are the days of 'love for the club'


Don't Welch
Not so sure ownership of Leicester City is about money for Top.
We are self-sufficient at present and would require serious support if things go downhill.