First gig at DeMont.


We must be in heaven man
Mine was The Nice, unbelievable watching Keith Emerson, Taste were there the second time supported by Jake Holmes and Stone The Crows, countless more visits over the years from the brilliant to the totally crap.


Richie Blackmore's Rainbow w Ronnie James Dio on vocals....... and Richie with a point to prove after leaving Deep Purple

Loud and spectacular!


Thatched roofer
Motorhead '82.
Best at the time was probably, dare I say it, Big Country or Dire Straits. THO :)


Monkey Off Back
I was at both Glimmer.. Family did two De Mont gigs that year, one before and one after Bowie. The second was part of their Farewell Tour.


Season Ticket Holder
Family -1973 . Still rates in my top 5 . Their last gig as the original line up. Frank Worthington and Len Glover were there


I saw Frank Worthington at Baileys once, I think the Heatwave gig
Black velvet jacket with giant collar white shirt & Oxford bags
He walked in with a gorgeous blond....... on each arm! Legend.