Drum Solos


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Keith moon granny halls, the rest of the who walked
off to the side whilst Keith moon
carried on with one of the greatest drum solos I ever saw, the timing and the energy were absolutely incredible. Unforgettable.


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If I may borrow a line of dialogue from the brilliant film Whiplash.

Failed jazz drummers join rock bands....

Or they needed a paycheque. The very best were selling off their instruments just before a show, jazz can pay as much as.. philosophy. Or poetry.
Read brilliant interview with Duane Eddy, he said half the men in the recording sessions were jazz musicians in dark glasses with pseudonyms. They looked down on their 'appointments' and desperately needed the money.


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Looking at their live performances, Cream were probably the most successful jazz band ever.

This from someone who considers Miles Davis the most influential musicians of the second half of the 20th century.