Doing your own research


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I’ve posted elsewhere . Debunking scientific fact and spending hours every day trawling through the internet (as one of our regulars admitted ) to find ever more extreme nonsense to confirm ones own prejudices is called on -line radicalisation not “ research “
Biological Research at the highest level can only be done by highly qualified people who have studied for years in their field studying primary sources , credible data and requires a working laboratory and access to bio materials .
Findings have to be verifiable by peer research .

It’s not posting videos from extreme right wing platforms and threatening to murder people who disagree with them


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Is there more to it, than looking at someone else's Facebook & you tube accounts?
yes, would you like me to forward some on to you ?

l know its a snipe, but there's an offer for you. I read many things every day, l don't accept them because they are in type, l read them then form an opinion on what previous knowledge l have or the probabilities of it being true or false.

What you are trying to imply is that anyone who says they do research is stupid and making it up. Its been used by everyone of the Groovy Gang when they have nothing, which is most of the time, they have slagged Youtube, Bitchute, Facebook, etc being too stupid to realise that these are just vehicles for information, whether true or false, not the bible, that's up to the reader to decide..

A very poor argument and as you know, insulting !