Do You Think We Are Faacked?


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When every one's fit, we will start being serious Champions League place contenders, the season has only just begun.


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Can't see us touching the Top 4, they are simply too strong.

To compete, to improve on last year we needed serious strengthening which FFP effectively forbids us to do. Big signings for each of the Manchester clubs and Chelsea will make a huge difference to them, Liverpool are stronger too, though their signings are less high profile.

We are playing for 5th, along with West Ham, Everton and one or two others.


Can someone please remind me how FFP works?

As it stands, I think it means those who have been repeatedly historically successful can continue to be successful by spending the dosh generated by that historic success but everyone else cannot be successful because they have not already been successful ... even if they have the dosh ...or am I missing something?


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I have an inkling that this season might turn out more difficult than the last two. If I remember correctly, we hit the ground running in both years and only started to struggle a) around Christmas 2019 and b) towards the end of last season.

Does this mean we'll spend large parts of the season outside the top four and then sneak in at the last moment? I'd love it!


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Finish 12th.

Feel free to visit the 'Racing and All Other Sports' forum if it gets too depressing.
Canadian tennis star Emma Raducano and the Cleveland Browns will surely lift your spirits.


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Not faaacked, just not very good. Turkish Puyol has turned into Tommy Cooper. Evans back may help. Wouldn't surprise me if he gets benched for Brighton now that string vest, Evans and Castagne fit. That being said Vestagaard ain't the quickest.

Maddison goes missing, same old plan A to Vardy no plan B. Barnes off the boil, Tielemans usual 2 steps forward 2 steps back.

Nacho must have run over Rodger's cat or come back a fat caaaant in pre-season and Rodgers wasn't having any of it.

Daka needs bulking up for rough and tumble of prem. He needs a run-out soon. Shaking it up with 15 to go with Nacho and Lookman helped.

One thing is for sure the UCL ship has well and truly sailed in terms of top 4 aspirations. The likes of Chelsea, United, and City have strengthened way too much for us to compete with.

Winning Europa is a distant proposition. But a tough group. Much better competition now the dross faaaacked off to conference. After the group stages it is a last 16 KO.