Blue Roofer
There was so much focus on the Adelaide test with it being a day nighter we took our eye off the ball in Brisbane and the pressure had already mounted.

As this is a dead rubber I just feel we’ll finally stand up and be counted on a cricket pitch rarely used for test match cricket.

I’ll probably change my mind by tea / dinner on the first day.


Season Ticket Holder
I think we have a history of doing well in already-dead games.

Some might suggest this then papers over the cracks and we limp onwards.


Ball Boy
Indeed - it's a real stretch trying to picture the ECB making poor decisions....
Bit late , but I don’t look all the while
The Australian commentators were shocked at how green the wicket was on the first day
The anaylist was asked if he’d choose to bowl or bat on the wicket
His reply was on that wicket if I won the toss I’d choose to putt
Made me laugh