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to be honest, I'm on a whole load of subjects with various groups and people and l have to recap what I've been talking about or sharing on here as this place is not really for the heavy stuff. I get involved on here as much for fun and relief from brain overload, so l can't remember where this was going. The Trump bleach thing is mental though, and l can't wait to get into it a bit more. I like to wind up the twats but l have to admit their general ignorance and stupidity ends up winding myself up sometimes. Theres some incredible stuff to awake to if you can remove the programmed barriers, you know my journey l think, and through that, amazing things are coming to light.
I may not agree with everything you post , but I would never get into a row with you over our opinions.
You were there when I asked for some advice/ help last year.
I won't forget that