Certificate Of Vaccine ID


Immunity and vaccination certificates have been a possibility for quite a while and discussed in respected journals and in mainstream media.

I'm against them.


Bentleys Roofer
i saw the head of NHS something or other yesterday confirmed that the vaccine will only be available to over 50s. fuck the rest of us.


Yeah you can have mine too if you want. Wouldn't touch a new vaccine, with a barge pole.

The powers that be, can't even use the correct version of Excel to count the numbers.

Upson Downes

Actually it's key workers earmarked to be first. Then the most at risk, which will include the old. Then the rest. Someone has to be last in the queue, which will seem unfair to them, but what can you do?


This will be the start of your 'passbook'. Anyone at all familiar with apartheid South Africa will know what I mean.

It has nothing at all to do with public health, it is government enforcement.

I know a fair number of you do not want it, and I applaud you for that, but what are you going to do when you are denied air travel?
Then Intercity Train journeys?
Your kids are not accepted into school?
You can not access the NHS?
You are not eligible for social housing?

See how this is going to work?