Blondie last night


Blue Roofer
At O2 arena postponed from last year.

Debbie Harry is exactly as you’d expect but she belted out the hits backed by an amazing band.

It was thoroughly enjoyable and a pleasure to see them live.

I only bought tickets as I saw a Blondie tribute band last summer sing Atomic, then Sleeper who sang Atomic on Trainspotting, and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to see Blondie play the song live too.


Season Ticket Holder
Saw them at Hammersmith in the late 70's, great show.

Debbie wore a shiny blue all in one and barely stopped for the hour or so they were onstage. Everything you could have wanted and more, little in the way of staging or effects, just hit after hit after hit.

One of the best 'pop' shows I have ever seen and I have seen a fair few.


Ball Boy
'77 in Cov .Was it the Locarno?.Doubt the were much more than a hundred people there.
Opened with X Offender.She wore a fairly plain torquoise dress.Couple of inches above the knee...three quarter sleeves...I think....but looked a million dollars.
XTC were shyte...as usual.