Best unsigned band by a country mile


I sacked Glover
Yep, never signed a contract with Geoff
It was always mates from day one, Geoff took them on and the rest is history, as they say. When Nigel went to Geoff (Probe) with a demo tape G knew straight away that he'd found something, when he told Nigel that the demo was too poor Geoff more or less had to beg him to do it. It's an amazing story


Blue Roofer
I’ve seen them live, they’re great. The locals in Sheffield are very excited by them but outside of the city they’re still relatively unknown.

I had tickets to see them in London, a small venue of 100 I think, it got postponed because of Covid.


Season Ticket Holder
Saw them in Sheffield their second ever gig I think, about 18 months ago, then in Brum just before covid. Very good live.