Best Live Double album ever

Not saying it’s the best, but I have a Streetwalkers Live double album which I rather like.
My last double album on vinyl was Bonobo - quite a contrast.


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Again not saying they are the best but 3 of my favourites are:-
Miles of Aisles - Joni Mitchell
A Live Album - Camel
Merchants of Light - Big Big Train


all good shouts, Allman Bros, Humble Pie, David Live and Thin Lizzy L&D), I;ve got them all

However, allow me to present the best live double album.......

Deep Purple - Made in Japan


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Siouxsie & The Banshees The Seven Year Itch Live

Missed getting tickets for whatever reason, why we didn't rock up on the night and make a touts night I don't know.
I'd sell a kidney to see them now.