Been updating my hi fi


Blue Roofer
I bought all my hi fi kit well over 20 years ago from Richer Sounds in Leicester.

After a change around of the living room last spring I was told there was no longer room for my floor standing Wharfedale speakers (to be fair there isn’t) so I bought some new ones about 6 months ago, some smaller Dali ones wall mounted, they truly sound great and are a fantastic upgrade. Also my misses likes them as they’re white and grey and she says they fit well in the living room. Result!!

I’ve decided now’s as good a time as any to start to upgrade my system.

At the weekend I bought a new Sony record deck which also has Bluetooth connectivity and a Yamaha Receiver / Amp with DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity. There’s nothing really wrong with what I currently have but these will be an upgrade I’m sure. Certainly the Bluetooth capability of the record deck to my Bluetooth headphones will be useful and the Bluetooth connectivity of the amp will allow music to be streamed from any phone.

I’ll buy an upgraded CD player in a few months, I like a 5 or 6 disc multi player rather than standalone but Richer’s don’t sell them any more. The one I currently have I did upgrade as my old one broke a few years ago but I only bought a cheap one.

The new kit is due to be delivered this week and if the Burnley game is postponed that will take care of my Saturday morning.


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Which model of amp did you get?
Mine died a few months back, sounds like that does all I need and I can listen once again to the wonderful world of stereo.


Blue Roofer
It’s a Yamaha RS202D. If you don’t need the radio you can probably get just an amplifier for less money.

My old one is a Sherwood and still works well, you can have it for much cheapness if you want?

Lonesome Crow

Pay at the gate.
Knew i had a Yamaha amp, just looked & it is RS202D with bluetooth but without Dab.
Got it a couple of years ago from Richers, can't fault it at all, superb sound.