Barking at the Moon


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On here you have two factions.

On one hand the Cavaliers. Jackie, Bnet and Vanles and the like.

On the other hand you have the Roundheads. Fox Golfer, Sardinia and the like.

One set barks at one side and the other set barks at the other side of the moon.

It’s like ground hog day in a black hole.



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Take your point Bill
For me the difference is in credible evidence.

A bit like - Cavalier - “The moon is made of cheese and here is a twitter video of someone in a dickie bow to prove it”

Roundhead - “it clearly isn’t and here is a published peer reviewed scientific study of the consistency of moon rock by a qualified palaeontologist”.


I like the cavaliers me. We had a painting of one in our house when I was a nipper. They always seemed a bit more dapper & stylish than the roundheads who looked a bit too religious.


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Don't do yourself down H_P_F.

Pikemen were the backbone of the army, the only force able to keep heavy cavalry at bay and protect the infantry. They, the swordsmen and the archers would be just ridden down without them.


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The Curtis song is the best single of all time, bar none. Still leaves me in bits 40 years on.

New Order were terrific, great live, refused to play that song for nearly 20 years, quite right too.