Aleister Crowley


Season Ticket Holder
Jimmy Page
Sgt Pepper
Ozzy Osbourne…..

Some dots….
I haven't really read about him too much, and of course, I have no idea about the quality of sources from what I did.

But if some parts of it are true, then it is interesting: that he thought he was going to perform some 'masterly' magic and change the world/himself for good, but something... (not clear what exactly) ....went horribly wrong. (It could be that he just realised it was BS. I've no idea)

Any Crowley experts out there?


I sacked Glover
Aleister Crowley knew my father, or rather
Business once took Dad up into the glens
Where in a small hotel bar Crowley asked
“Have you got change for the fruit machine chief, I’m all out?”