Match perview
Lester Vs Asston Viler

Diss sunday nite seeings battel off Eastern Midlunds vs Western MIdlunds, with 2 smellyest clubs 😷ever clashings at King kong Powder Arena. Thang god it behind close door wiv no fan cuz stink wood reaching cov and gasings us normal peoples!
Belief it or not, this be top off tabel clashing 😵 wiv Asston Viler 2nd and Lester 3rd in prem. Why carp :poop:teams like diss so high in tabel? Cuz big club telled to takes it easy on littel club to make prem leak look competitive for few months. Viler was allows to be beatings Liverpoo 8-4 and Lester winnings 6-2 agains Manch City. Liverpoo was pays £2 mils and Manch pays £1.5 mils to loose games.
aNyways, let be lookings at key players in bow sides.
Viler: jock girlish. Despite havings scotish name and south irish daddy, jock just god hims thirst englund cap. girlish be atacks midfeilder wiv stronk thys and hairstyle normals seen only in sunderland 👧he also part dolphin 🐬 and be havings dorsal fin witch has be taped down flat when him plays footy. him be good player and cov shut deffo be buyings him necks season when we bag in prem leak.
Other Viler players to be watching for is Olly wadkins, jon mgcinn and rose buckley. I perdict all five off dem will be scorings gains Lester.

Lester: Jimmy Madz Madison. tho him nod be fully fit, Madz is stil Lester star player. Being Cov kid, he has be takings speshul meds 🍄to enabling hims to cope wiv polutive toxins, covid and pox disise that be rifes in Lester. HIm dead balls speshulist and supplyer off killer passings to Jim Vardy. Madz rejoinings cov necks season when we get promotioned. i once plays madz at fifa and beatings him 4-0, him aksing me “is u wet spam in disguise?!” i thing diss be reference to Wet Spam absolutes spankings Lester 4-0 in real live har! har! har!

i things Viler will be winings diss one in low scorings match.

Ultra score perdiction:
Lester 2 Asston Viler 7
Smelly factor: 100%