I told you I started work at HTH Pecks on West Bridge in the print room and after a month there, I started to learn to print on a Platan machine which was an early printing machine, very basic....... which consisted of a round ink tray at the top, the body was where you clipped in your printing plate and the bed was where you fed paper into.... the roller moved up and down ran the ink over the plate, and the bed was forced on to the printing plate by a set of springs, it was alright for a while.... but soon got boringly repetitious and in one of those moments I trapped my right hand and couldn’t get it out. The third finger was ripped open ,and I was sent to the nurse in the main building who promptly fainted at the sight and the firms doctor had to deal with me. I was bandaged for two months and I couldn’t do any printing, so they put me to work with the Mechanic servicing old machinery but all I did was gophering and handing him tools, so I left.............. Next morning went looking for a job and had three jobs in one day, finally deciding to work at Wolsey in King Street in the Maintenance Dept. 16 years old, over the next two years became addicted to Cinema, Table Tennis, and Road Racing on a bike WHICH WAS BROUGHT TO A SUDDEN ABRUPT END WHEN I WAS RACING ONE DAY AND WENT UP AND OVER A JOWETT JAVELIN CAR arms and legs badly grazed broken nose and no front wheel and bent front forks..... in between having four girl friends and many furtive gropes later and still a virgin...........

I got my call-up papers at the age of 17and a half , told to report to University Road for a Medical now there was an eye opener!!!! Walk in, present the letter get taken to a cubical, and strip naked, line up with another fifteen blokes to be poked and prodded, coughed and spluttered, looking in every orifice came out half an hour later to dress, and then for an aptitude test just to told you are A1, and you will receive a letter in due course telling you where to report. Went back to work next day to tell boss where I had been but he already knew and I carried on work till I finally received my papers to report for duty in November inside was a letter telling me what I should want to bring with me plus a Railway warrant for my destination.

The day finally arrived with suitcase and mackintosh set off from Leicester to London St Pancras get across London on the tube for Waterloo never having been on the underground before took some doing and arrived at the Barracks at teatime after being meet at the station by an Army truck OMG the nearest building I had seen to this was Leicester Prison....cold grey and damp was the day and so was the place never saw anything so foreboding before and that was just the start.