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northleicsblue Posted on 29/10/2018 11:58

One of the things not many people outside of Leicester would know about our dear departed Chairman.
At Leicester City FC there is a garden of remembrance just behind the ground. Next to one of the benches in there, on match days, there is a bottle of good whisky and proper glasses to drink from.
Vichai had them put there every game, so people can stop by and raise a glass to their departed and spend a few minutes in contemplation.
No publicity over this, no fanfare, just a simple generous act of kindness.

CloseToTheBend Posted on 29/10/2018 13:15

That has got me choked. What a wonderful act of kindness.

huncotefox Posted on 29/10/2018 14:46

I dip in but never post on here any more, but I feel the need today to just add my bit.
I have cried tears in the last 36 hours for a man I have never met. I visited the ground this morning, saw Birch and Ian Marshall being interviewed - Birch visibly upset talking about the support he got from the Chairman while he got over his heart attack.
If you could design a template for a foreign owner coming into English football, you couldn't go far wrong copying Vichai could you?

Coatsworth Posted on 29/10/2018 16:20

I’m absolutely devastated. I’ve lost a couple of good friends in the last 18 months and this is right up there with it.
God bless him, his family and all of LCFC.

wearthefoxhat Posted on 29/10/2018 16:53

Amongst personal turmoil you gave me the best day my football life.
You'll never be forgotten Vichai, we'll carry you in our hearts forever.
May your God's love be with you.

Elmetfox Posted on 29/10/2018 17:29

Vichai gave us a dream we never had before. And then made it into a reality. Thank you so much. What you and your family did for our club, and the way you did it, will never be forgotten.

haardaarss Posted on 29/10/2018 18:15

He has given me the best eight years of my life. My wife won't thank me for saying this, but my kids (all the boys - and son in law) are also season ticket holders and share my feelings.
The title season, and the European adventure which followed, were absolutely priceless.
The Trophy presentation was THE BEST DAY of my entire life. And always will be.
Thank you, sir.

wints Posted on 29/10/2018 18:58

I cant believe how choked up I am over the death of someone that I have never met. Vichai's death feels like I have lost one of the closest of family members. He came into the club, the city and the community of Leicester and through his actions, generosity and his demeanor he won our hearts and he became part of our family.
Never did he want to break with our history. No colour changes, no name changes, just a love of the club and a desire to make it the best. He promised Champions League football. We never expected that he would fulfill that promise, but he made us the very best. He made us the Champions of England and respected the whole world over. Wherever we go people know Leicester. He made that possible.
Thank you Vichai. You were 'One of our own'.

renard Posted on 29/10/2018 19:52

I don't have a personal story to add, I just want to say that I feel very fortunate that he chose us. I am so grateful for everything he did for the City and for the club, and I am and will forever remain extremely proud that such a kind man is and always will be associated with our club.
Thank you Mr Chairman.

TheCraftyOldFox Posted on 29/10/2018 20:27

A truly wonderful man .... He turned us into football Kings ..... So, so very proud, and always will be ...... He didn't buy the Premier League title ... He was already in our hearts, that was already set in stone ... A fans chairman, not in it for self gain ... God bless you, Vichai, you were a Chairman in a million ... Your fabulous legacy will live forever. Thank you so very much x

GTIF Posted on 29/10/2018 20:42

There's been a lot of tears shed here in Ireland, not just mine either.
A quote from Pat Byrne, 'He went for broke and made it'.
Sums the man up well.
Ar dheis de go raibh a h-anim

kendalfox Posted on 29/10/2018 21:09

out of the darkness
came a light so bright it lit up a football club
it made sparks fly
it brought smiles
it brought happiness
now the light has gone
up in the sky
may it fly high
and embrace the heavens
take care of him
for it is your gain, and our loss

FoxinRutland Posted on 29/10/2018 22:10

You saved us
You loved us
You gave us hope
You made us believe
You made it possible
Thank you

Wessy_Boy Posted on 30/10/2018 06:23

Thank you for the days,
Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me.
I'm thinking of the days,
I won't forget a single day, believe me.

I bless the light,
I bless the light that lights on you believe me.
And though you're gone,
You're with me every single day, believe me.

Surffers Posted on 30/10/2018 07:54

Not many people make a real difference to the life's of so many I feel honoured that such a great man choose our club and city to bestow his generosity ,he will live in our memories forever .
Thank you Mr Vichai .

Adumass Posted on 30/10/2018 11:30

i've got little to add to all that is said above. even without 2016, he was the perfect owner: quiet, modest, respectful. qualities we all aspire to, but are seldom seen particularly in football. his actions spoke volumes.
but on top of that, to be the architect of the title win - that will never be surpassed, and never be forgotten. he gave us the time of our lives.

LGFOX Posted on 30/10/2018 14:41

Vichai - You and I were born just months apart but our lives and cultures were very different. I’ve supported my club since being taken down by my mum, step dad and grandad as a small kid and they were lifelong fans too.
I believe your unconditional support for my club was just as deep as mine. I really do. You loved us, both the fans and as just as importantly the people of Leicester with all your heart and that’s why I’m so heartbroken at your passing.
I know our joy and pride simply equalled yours in 2016. You truly looked like Willy Wonka when he got his golden ticket. Your generosity and infectious smile showed me you were the real deal. May your God bless you now and above all thank you for passing onto your family those same traits that I hope will help them now and into the future.

hackneyfox Posted on 30/10/2018 15:16

Thank you for giving us back our pride.
Thank you for giving us something to dream about.
Thank you for making the dream come true.
Thank you for giving me the best father and son times I've ever had with my lad.
You will always be a club legend.

SohoFox Posted on 30/10/2018 15:28

Just a little story which seems to sum Vichai up.
We went to the San Carlo for dinner on a Saturday night.
It was round about the time Jamie Vardy broke the record for those 11 consecutive PL goals.
We were given a table near him and a load of Thai folk. They were all eating great big bowls of mussels like they were going out of fashion. Nothing else. Just mussels.
I couldn't believe it was him. But the waiters confirmed it was.
Anyway I plucked up courage to pop over and say thankyou for everything he was doing at the Club. On the spur of the moment I gave him a teeny LCFC lapel badge. One of the old ones like a mini shield before Bentleys Roof started to flog their badges.
It cost me all of 2 Quid from a vendor outside a warehouse next to the old Half Time Orange in Burnmoor St many years ago.
He was delighted to take it and pinned it on the front of his shirt.
I went back to carry on with ordering our meals.
The waiter pops over to say Vichai would like to buy us a bottle of fizz.
I waved to Vichai and said thanks but no thanks that wasn't why I had given him my badge.
So we had our meal and wanted to get back for MOTD. So I asked for the Jack & Jill.
It was over a Ton.
Anyway 10 minutes later still no bill.
So I asked the waiter to hurry things up please.
The waiter comes over and says the bill had been paid by the Chairman.
I was gobsmacked but he waved to say he was not gonna change his mind.
We shook hands and I genuinely got the impression that he felt very honoured to have received the badge - all of 2 Quid's worth.
Sorry to have wasted your time but I just wanted to tell you about it.

northleicsblue Posted on 30/10/2018 15:33


glosfox Posted on 30/10/2018 23:02

I’m truly devastated.
Never been so affected by the death of someone I have never met.
One of the Immortals.
We dared to Dream.

RoyalBerkshireFox Posted on 30/10/2018 23:31

I've not been to a Leicester match since we were promoted but Ive supported them from afar. I watched most of the matches live while working in Qatar and sadly can't do the same now I'm back in the UK. I feel truly gutted that our owner's life (and the 4 others) had to end in such an untimely and tragic way. At least it was almost instantaneous. I do really appreciate what he and his family have done for my club but just as I chose to see my family in Leicester rather than celebrate with others on that famous night in June 2016, I chose to spend my time visiting Leicester today with my elderly mum rather than visiting the ground. It doesnt mean that I don't care but I'd rather focus on the twighlight of my mum's life than pay homage to a man who, although I never met him, I greatly respect. He would have wanted that too. RIP Vishal. Best Chairman ever.

LGFOX Posted on 31/10/2018 11:20

That’s a great story G. Seemed he just wanted to share his wealth and make everyone happy. ??

greenlanefox Posted on 31/10/2018 15:50

Soho very good story and has made me cry , again [^]

scoops Posted on 31/10/2018 16:02

The mark of a very humble man Soho and a wonderful story.
I'm betting that your own small act of kindness with the badge meant something quite special to our Chairman.
One of Us

foxinabox Posted on 31/10/2018 16:24

Soho [^]

harry_threaders Posted on 31/10/2018 16:28

I wrote to him a year ago, as I’m on my second marriage and my step son couldn’t come to the football with me and my son. It was impossible to get tickets for us all together.
It was a stab in the dark, but I wrote and explained our situation, and asked if he could help in any way as it was heartbreaking trying to explain to my 8 year old stepson why he couldn’t come to the football with me and my son.
48 hours later I had a phone call from Jim Connelly. His words were ‘the chairman has read your letter, and has instructed me to do everything we can to get your stepson a seat’
Within 5 mins of being on the phone my step son had a season ticket, free of charge, next to me and my lad.
A multi billionaire, but made time for people like me and my kids.
Our club will never be the same again.
Rest in peace Vichai. And thank you. For everything x

harry_threaders Posted on 31/10/2018 16:29

Great story Soho. [^]

SohoFox Posted on 31/10/2018 17:18

Just as well it wasn't one of the Bentleys Roof badges - otherwise it would have pinged off his shirt before he got back to his chauffeur driven motor in Granby St and he might have been tempted to ask for his money back!??????

PossetFox Posted on 31/10/2018 18:07

I always look up at those Buddhist prayer flags that hang over our heads inside the ground.
Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom.
They could've just been hung over the directors box for his family. It makes it feel that we are his family.
RIP Khun Vichai

Hezzy Posted on 31/10/2018 19:38

Reading all of the above has left me on the brink of tears again. I echo the sentiments about Vichai being the games perfect chairman in his respect for our city, club, history, and his respect for us, the fans
I can only hope that his family gain some small crumb of comfort from the knowledge of the great love and admiration that we feel for him and them.
Thinking also of the families of the others lost in this tragic accident and hoping that they too will find peace

SohoFox Posted on 01/11/2018 16:19

When she comes round our gaff our grand daughter, Baby N'Golo loves running round wearing the blue & white jesters hat with bells on the ends which Vichai arranged to hand out buckshee at one of the away games - can't remember which.

RoyalBerkshireFox Posted on 01/11/2018 23:18

Watford, Soho, last Boxing Day.

oneofthe8 Posted on 02/11/2018 16:46

Goodbye to you my trusted friend
We've known each other since twenty ten
Together we've climbed the leagues
Learned of love and generosity
Played at home and overseas
Goodbye my friend, we’ll say goodbye
When all the fans are singing to the sky
Now that winter’s in the air
Flowers and sadness everywhere
We’ll think of you and you’ll be there

We had joy we had fun
We had a season in the sun
But the leagues that we climbed
Were great seasons in our time.

FoxOnTheRun Posted on 02/11/2018 17:33

Oneofthe8 [^][^][^]

lestagirl Posted on 02/11/2018 19:53

Thanks for sharing your stories and thoughts, all of which made me want to cry, again..
oneofthe8 beautifully done..love the line "When all the fans are singing to the sky"
I was 17 when I went to my first match, 50 years has passed and Vichai gave me the best day of my Leicester supporting life when they lifted that trophy. Thank you Vichai.

DagenhamFox Posted on 03/11/2018 08:57

You gave us scarves, t shirts, badges, cake and beer.
But it wasn’t about that, you just wanted to join our cheer.
It could have been any team, you chose us.
You picked the men to drive our bus.
And helped to turn us into a team that played without fear.

After a few years we won the Championship.
We stayed up, god knows how we finally got a grip.
With Ranieri as our lead
With you we went on a amazing Champions League trip.

You became part of our city’s dna.
With charity gifts and donations to King Richard’s burial day.
You gave us the most amazing few years.
And all of us have cried a few tears.
Thank you Boss.Three cheers for an amazing man. Hip, Hip Hooray.

mickyhoss Posted on 03/11/2018 11:01

All my dreams are non-descript

harry_threaders Posted on 03/11/2018 11:14

Oneofthe8 that is brilliant! Thank you [^]

lee3lions Posted on 25/12/2018 16:08

Melancholy thoughts at this time of the year. Remembering our departed owner.

Wombat Posted on 25/12/2018 21:09

Agreed Lee
I had a wonderful day with my wife & two kids, but thought about my dear Mum who passed last Christmas Eve and was always a cornerstone of the family Christmas celebrations.
As well as his Thai family, Vichai is a dearly departed family member to many thousands of Leicester fans also

essingtonblue Posted on 12/10/2019 08:48

Me & the eldest having a stroll around the Chelsea ground pre match last game of ‘that’ season when we spotted THE BOSS flanked by a couple of minders plus a few more if my memory serves me right.
Anyway thought sod it im going to ask one of his security if I could get a picture of him with my lad & was met with the reply of your welcome to ask him yourself, by which I did & was greeted with that smile & a nod & one pic later with my lad we were sent on our way with the famous thumb up.