The Fosseway view about BC Game

'Why can't we break the mould? says TFW.
And that is the rub. It's the cost involved. If everyone stands at a music event it's no good being
the one who is sitting because it's the right thing to do. The club is not operating in a vacuum.
Perhaps they think that it's the lesser evil in our financial crisis?
One thing is clear, they are not going to involve us in any decision making..
The problem is worse though choosing BC.Game.

This is a company which has some gambling practices that are illegal in the UK.

Have a look at their worldwide site and compare it to the UK one and you'll spot the difference - those absent are the 'games' they can't license in the UK.

I know from someone who worked in the gambling industry that even within that community they are seen as dodgy.

And what's interesting is the sponsorship directs people to BC Game ... Not BC Game UK

I suppose it's not quite as bad a CPFC choice of sponsor -
Most interesting for me in reading the article was the wider notion and question of where each of us as City fans draw the line on the behaviour of our football club (same going for fans of other clubs too).. Is it the sponsor on the shirt, the colour of the shirt, naming rights on team (Thames Valley Royals anyone!?!) or stadium etc etc....and does the end justify the means (ie everyone is doing it and we need the cash...)

Good read.