The English Courts

Love this stuff, but the only real way to use it is to be all in, you can't go part way.

I know people who have tried and failed, but I've read of lots who have won and have mastered it.
There no longer exists any form of representative government under the framework that is the United Nations Charter. The U.N. platform is offered as a contract and is then enforced via the Bilderberg Steering Committee’s influence upon all signatory governments.

What we call government today is in fact an incorporated entity, that means that because they are corporations, they can no longer represent you an Autonomous living man/woman, due to the fact the council/government has changed Jurisdiction, they have shifted from a realm of laws to a realm of commercial legislation, controlled by the UCC and for the movement of the cargo, coming under Shipping, (UPU) this they call the Legal System.

The Judiciary cover the scam.

Meet the Edgar File, H.M. Gov is a corporation, click below to read more

[08:20, 03/07/2024] +44 7962 650368: They are ALL FINISHED. Gone.
Surplus’s to Requirements.

They don’t exist.

The stupids won't understand, they can't understand, thats why they a stupids.