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Have we seen the last of Vardy's pace because he has looked lamentable in the last two games and he certainly gives the impression of being either knackered or his hip is worse than we think, he also did not relish a challenge or a tackle.


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Not fit....he'll get back to his best
Not buying it. He’s been patchy at best since this point last season. The only typical Vardy moment I can think of was the goal against pub outfit Sheff Utd.

He was first to the ball in that run today and didn’t have the Vardy extra 5% of pace. Without that or the hunger to press (that he can’t do at 34) he is a passenger and we as a unit can’t afford to carry. Ricardo held the ball up better today. Barnes had the better efforts on goal.

If not fit to play twice in a week then what on earth was in Rodgers logic of starting him Thursday? Barnes could’ve started centrally.

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You could see this coming weeks ago at least next season we will be back to Saturday /Sunday or Monday games.With the odd midweek match.