The A-Z of Greatest LCFC Players


I think we need to clarify if we're really talking greatest vs favorite. If we are truly talking great, then the likes of Svarc and Tewley, who probably did not play more than a couple of dozen first team games each for City, do not belong on a list with Banks, Shilton, Weller et al.


This is not easy.
W is the hardest, Weller for the beautiful goal at Luton and the hat trick against the Scouse, what a night.
Worthington, because Frank was Frank and we all loved him.
But I reckon Walsh just scrapes it for hammering Steve bull, the arsenal game and that magnificent send you nuts goal at Wembley.

And C- Chandler cause my dear dad said so.


We are so fortunate to have had such great players in our teams over the years. Nish was local, an outstanding player who fetched the British record transfer fee when we sold him. But he never played in one of our really great teams, I don't think they ever finished in the top half of the First division although I have not checked this. Wilf is outstanding in a really good team, one that finished fifth last year and hopefully higher this season. But you could go either way.

Don't get me started on the Birch. Please.


W is impossible IMO. Walsh Weller Worthington and Weller. Half the other letters they’re all a shoe in. We need a couple of extras for those letters we don’t use. Like a joker.


Rare Continental Breed
As the letter "N" doesn't seem closely contested, can I suggest Lilian Nalis?

I know he wasn't with us for a long time and during a rather barren spell but at least his goal against Leeds deserves a mention. He also didn't f*** off at the first instant when we got relegated. And he scored against Derby, Coventry and, again, Leeds in the Championship.