Sunak to bring back National Service

You need something catchy, this needs marketing. 'The Kombat Kiddies' initiative. Take out those French dinghies with the Tiny Tot Torpedo Flotilla. Britain will never be caught with it's short pants down.
Nineteen - Paul Hardcastle (1985)
During my recent sojourn in hospital the market trader called Del ( I’m not joking) who was in the bed opposite suddenly remembered this track and played it for us 3 times a day at full volume. Then stormed out for a fag after the nurse finally told him to stop.
We'll have a Panzy Division with all the university idiots !

"I'll scratch your eyes out if you point that gun at me, l have feelings and you've hurt them, you racist".

Imagine these fannies in the army, that includes a good half dozen off here 😍