Security concerns about some anti-ulez protestors


Racism. None of us like that.

The word used your way is pure from The Man's book. Just say the word, cancel, shut up and react.

Always with THE MAN.


Typical Hackney. Remove the right to protest. He’ll want the police to kettle them and beat the shit out of them.
It's always the same with these kind of people.
So long as you wrap it up in a name they identify with, (nationalism, leftism etc,) they will back up the state every time. Back up the power, and hate exactly who they've been conditioned to hate.

Bare-faced liars with it
I have doubts about people like Hackney who won't or can't drive but just love telling those that do what they should be doing.
Can’t drive, the fucking spastic’s brain to hand Co-ordination is all over the shop. You can tell that by the utter shite he posts here.