Is Vardy fit?


His 3 attributes are quick thinking, pace, first touch.
Obviously his quick brain is still there, his pace due to injury is suffering! It's his first touch that seems to have deserted him at the moment which is a concern.
I don't know how he can recover from a hernia operation so quickly, I had the same operation last June and I'm still struggling 😳😳


Blue Roofer
Some are saying he’s done for. I reckon he’s got plenty of life left in him yet. He just needs to have some time off to recover from this injury and also from the odd run of games we have in future. That’s why it’s imperative we sign a replacement for him ASAP to share the duties.

It’s a squad game now at the top, doesn’t everyone in the game know this?


Still carrying an injury, shame we only have a pair of gobshites to stand in for him, play the other gobshite Ünder in the number 9 role and see if he can improve his chances of getting a contract next season....