England crap thread

Stil not very good, still generally dependent upon a piece of individual skill rather than teamwork but STILL IN IT.
Isnt that what football is keep it tight then let your individual players win you the game. That's how we won the league. Keep it tight then let Mahrez or Vardy win it for us.
The worst thing about this tournament is that by reaching the semi final Southgate will escape with his legacy intact, whereas in reality England have been bloody boring and awful in the tournament so fair
The annoying thing to me is that when they have been in trouble they've flicked the switch and started playing.
The simple question is where is that desire when the game is level and just ambling along?
Under Southgate they are just such a suppressed team that can't or are not allowed to play with the freedom that their talents cry out for.
Southgate nice guy, but a loser.
I don't get all the praise.
They were marginally better but that's all.
Over 120 minutes the Swiss keeper had little to do.
The starting line up needs changing.
Palmer to start and Toney to replace Kane.
Give Kane the last 20-25 if it doesn't work.
He won't play Palmer he's too energetic and too quick for Southgate.