Bristol City are bucked


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Bristol City sit in mid-table, and football has hardly been the issue whenever NFP got the sack. It's going to be interesting.

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To be fair he did more than alright at City two promotions two play off appearances and managing a successful relegation fight. Not forgetting he sorted out the mess the Swede left behind. Not exactly the most charismatic of people and the football wasn’t exactly spectacular but he did a decent job


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His 'outbursts' generally made me warm to him a bit more than was otherwise the case.
He's a flawed human, like the rest of us.
Don't mind Bristol City; hope he does OK there.


Good luck to them both. Decent club with a good owner. Probably best not to try to sign your son Nigel. Wonder if he will go for Andy King in the Summer?


I am not a fan, FOAD still rankles, but his record in bringing us from the lowest point in our history to the Premiership will stand the test of time.

There have been signs in recent interviews of a greater sense of self awareness, humility even.

I wish him well. Bristol is a major city that deserves to have a competitive football team. I hope he gives them one.


It's nige he grapples wiv bears, he is a legend, the foad and ostrich is when he was under pressure with a short fuse, u gotta love the bloke.


Will be keeping a close eye on their redults now... I wish him well as despite his failings history will show he did us proud.

Depends whose version of history you choose as your bible.

I'm pretty sure that the version I will forever hold not so dear doesn't concur with that which his disciples and acolytes may promote as gospel.

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I wish him well. He has every chance of being a success there.

We wouldn't be where we are now without him. Equally we wouldn’t be where we are with him still at the helm.


The FT will be pleased. They can add a Bristol City thread now with their OH Leuven thread just so they can swoon over the messiah coming back from the dead again.