Arsenal Match Thread


Can’t expect anything with so much looking wrong.
As a whole unit we look totally & utterly spent.
Add to that vardy is clearly still injured as is ricardo as is ndidi.
Ndidi has not looked right for the last 3/4 games & has been the worse player on the pitch & to be fair there is plenty of competition.
& for #### sake get rid of the zonal marking shit. How many chances do the opposition need in every game for it to be changed?
Zonal marking waste of feckin time


Tactics, time to dig in not ponce about in defence or mark zones. Rodgers looks one dimensional when the shit hits the fan


Clueless and no fight either

Where’s the leaders on the pitch , where’s the manager giving them both barrels from the touch line ?


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He was being marked, but Timmy wasn't looking as he ran round whoever into space for the header; when Timmy ran to catch up, he was too late.
And Xhaka had deliberately taken up a position which effectively meant that Castagne when he did react had to go the long way around.


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For all the well earned plaudits Ndidi got for his performance against Liverpool, he's been absolute gash last 2 games. Zero control of the midfield


Talking of bigger facilities, it hasn't helped us in any way this season. It has however depleted our resources with possible team improvements. I know it was planned before all this covid stuff came about but I cannot see how it has helped us one bit.