Anyone got any tips please...


Thatched roofer
...for how to enjoy what's left of the weekend?
That load of bollocks has really taken the wind out of my sails 😞


Blue Roofer
It’s been a shite week for me. Gladbach got done on Wednesday by Man City, we lost the cricket, City got dumped out of the Europa League. Yesterday Gladbach were 0-2 up at Leipzig and lost 3-2 now our game.

Can’t get any worse can it?


Golden balls
Filbo kick the cat, and go for a stroll in this lovely pre spring weather.
When you get back, open a bottle of your finest wine and then look up a City match where the likes of Coatsworth, Fitzpatrick, Colin Gordon and Junior Lewis were playing their trade against the likes of Barnsley. Then stare at the current league table.........job done.😁